Rhea Marmentini - NYC History
Fire around El Dragon de la  Calderona    
El Dragón de la Calderon. 350 square meter, studio-gallery, designed and built by Rhea Marmentini, 2005 to 2014.
As the forest burned around El Dragon, she and fellow artists fled the inferno.
Rhea Marmentini collecting stones.   Rhea Marmentini wheel barrowing stones over the Brooklyn Bridge.     Sculpting Schist Bird       Rhea Marmentini finishing name plate on Schist Bird.
Collecting granite in a wheelbarrow after arriving in NYC.
Wheelbarrowing over Brooklyn Bridge.
Transforming the granite.
Finishing name plate. Title: Schist Bird.
Artist Rhea Marmentini, just arrived in NYC, from her artist colony in the mountains of Valencia, Spain, where she built a stone, mosaic dragon, El Dragon de la Calderona, a studio for international artists. It was an eight year culmination, a project to restore the landscape from the ravages of an ancient quarry on the site of a mountain forest. Tragically one night after completion, the forest burned around her as she and fellow artists fled the inferno. Partially destitute, but only in body and not in spirit....she is rebooting her life in NYC. Her new sculptures are a blend between Constantin Brancusi and Isamu Naguchi, with undertones of Paul Klee's Cat and Bird. Made with stones from the granite bed rock of Manhattan from excavations and newly dug foundations for sky scrapers. From Red Hook, Brooklyn, she wheel barrows the heavy granite over the Brooklyn Bridge to her studio in the West Village where she transforms them into her sculptures. Her newest pieces are on exhibit in NYC. Schist Bird at the Living Museum and Rebirth at Magen Gallery.